Soup Kitchen Neopets

Posted by on October 26, 2019
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The Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen is a place to go if you are a Neopian with under 3,000 NP.The Soup Faerie counts your wealth to see if your pets are eligible to eat for free.. Requirements to Eat The Soup Kitchen is a good way to begin your Neopian life. In order to eat at the Soup Kitchen, you must have a combined amount of under 3,000 NP.

Soup Kitchen Neopets

Neopets Soup Kitchen. Soup Kitchen Cheats If you really wanted, you can move all of your NPs to a side account and get free food for the Soup Faerie, but that is a bit of a hassle. Instead, just set up trades from your side account and offer on them from your main.

FANDOM Powered By Wikia. The Soup Kitchen in the Neopian Marketplace is where the kind Soup Faerie distributes food to all the poor NeoPets. You can find it here. To be eligible, you must have less than 3,000 neopoints (including what you're carrying around, what's in your Bank Account, and what you may have in your

Soup Kitchen Neopets

Neopet Dailies. The soup kitchen is a neopets daily that you can use if you have less than 3000NP total (Including your bank and shop till). Item Prizes Unlike other dailies, the soup kitchen doesn’t award actual prizes or items. Instead your neopet is simply fed although you will be told what type of soup your neopet […]

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