Romaji To Hiragana Chart

Posted by on June 13, 2018
Romaji To Hiragana Chart Basic Hiragana Chart and Additionals. The hiragana chart below shows the 46 basic characters together with their romaji. The 5 in the first row are the vowels. Combined with the vowels, the rest of the rows formed the remaining hiragana. The only exception is the singular consonant ん (n).

Romaji To Hiragana And Katakana Converter. To use the converter just paste (or type) romaji or kana text into the textbox below. If you note some conversion errors or another stuff please email me at [email protected] or, better, on the G+ page. 10/01/2017 Announcement: From now on, we accept translation orders for Russian-English-Deutsch-Spanish-Nihongo in any direction.

Romaji To Hiragana Chart

How To Learn Hiragana. Also, hiragana represents every single sound possible in the Japanese language! Learn hiragana, and you will instantly be able to pronounce any Japanese word! Check out the video at the end of this article for a pronunciation guide. Learn hiragana with this chart! Here’s our hiragana chart, including pronunciations.

Hiragana And Katakana Chart. Online hiragana and katakana chart gojuon with the full Japanese alphabets hiragana and katakana, romaji, dakuten diacritics and handakuten. Hiragana Gakuen Better App (Android) Hiragana and Katakana Chart. In the kana tables below you can see all the kana used in the modern Japanese alphabet and the romaji which represents how they are read.

Romaji To Hiragana Chart

Complete List Of All Hiragana Letters. Hiragana Chart - Complete List of All Hiragana Letters Author: Subject: Printable chart of Hiragana alphabet of the Japanese language Keywords: hiragana, characters, letters, alphabets, scripts, tables, charts, lists, japanese, nihongo, printable, pdf Created Date: 12/5/2008 12:16:34 AM

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