Mini Stove

Posted by on August 06, 2018

Mini Stove

Mini Camping Stove For Sale. Mini Trangia Stove & Cookset. The Mini Trangia Stove & Cookset includes: Spirit burner, windshield, 0.8 litre aluminium pan, non-stick frying pan (which doubles as a saucepan lid) and handle. We specialise in festival camping, VW Camper gear, free camping and gap year travel… with a huge range of festival camping essentials, campervan awnings

Pipsqueak Mini Wood Burning Bell Tent Stove. The Pipsqueak is a mini wood burning stove suitable for bell tents, sheds, caravans, summer houses, vans, camping or simply to pack up and take to the beach with you, the list is endless! Made from solid cast iron and available in an array of colours the stove not only heats up a whole room but looks amazing as well.

Mini Stove

The MINI Range. The MINI range has a model for every aspect of modern life. Whether it’s stylish looks or sheer horse power, we’ve got you covered. The MINI range has a model for every aspect of modern life. Whether it’s stylish looks or sheer horse power, we’ve got you covered.

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