Anime In Gma List

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Anime In Gma List

Anime List Of GMA Since 2003-2006?. Best Answer: i have a list though the series here are from the 90's up to 2006 or 07. i included gma and other newtowrks. Animé aired in the Philippines [Local Channel] AIRED BY ABS-CBN Channel 2 Legend: * - Incomplete ++ - Full English dubbed + - Half-english dubbed [title] - Japanese title / Complete

Animes Aired By ABS-CBN And GMA. yup, candy-candy was shown in IBC13. Together with battle ball and super boink. Ano na nga ba yung anime na pinalabas sa 13 na yung bida pwedeng mag-summoned ng dragon? Basta ang naaalala ko na lang na line dun sa anime Ilabas ang mga dragon hehehehehe:D Mga munting pangarap ni romeo yung batang naglilinis ng chimineya.

Anime In Gma List

Animes Broadcasted In The Philippines. Animes Broadcasted in the Philippines Here is a partial and unofficial list of the Animes broadcasted on Philippine TV (excluding cable channels). This was originally taken with permission from the old Geocities website of my long time anime pal / online friend named Zen .

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