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Posted by on April 22, 2017

Anime Amino

Anime & Manga Amino For Otakus. Anime Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for anime and manga superfans! Anime & Manga Amino is the perfect way for enthusiasts to: - EXPLORE your interests with new friends who share your passions. - UNITE with anime, manga, otaku, vocaloid music, and cosplay fans from around the world! Enter a world just for anime enthusiasts.

‎Anime Amino On The App Store. Great app but The app is great but to be a social media about anime only using an application is a minus points anime amino should also have a web browser because PC does much more then mobile and some ppl believe is not worth downloading an app on your phone, another problem is the polls I was trying to make a poll for the end of a year on a

Anime Amino

Anime Amino (@AnimeAmino). The latest Tweets from Anime Amino (@AnimeAmino). Serious about Anime? Mobile, social network exclusively for Anime fans. It's available for FREE download in the iOS app store

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